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Marketing your business through social media

1- Neighborhood groups

Join as many groups you can that you want to market in. Make sure to read the announcements. The admin will usually have certain days they will only allow advertising.

2- Networking

As they said " Your network is your net worth" By creating genuine relationships with other contractors, not will they only send you leads but they will support you on the post. Another point to mention with networking. Is if you ever run into a problem that is out of your knowledge its good to know another contractor that can come to the rescue. There are allot of free networking groups and ones you pay like BNI. The point is these people work in the community and trust builds good relationships and good relationships lead to more opportunity's.

3- Paid adds

Just my opinion post content on your personal page and all your other social media accounts. Watch the feedback and likes. The one you get the most feedback on boost. You can set the audience to specify your target. Play with it. Try some different age groups and ranges till you get the best results.

4- Tick tock

Tick tock is a underrated social media source. The benefits of tick tock is you can post the things you like hobbies etc. And you can latterly grab and audience to follow your business by posting a picture of your dog. People like people who like the same things.

5- Social media Platforms

Use all of them. They are free it doesn't hurt . When you post to one post to all. Keep the content flowing.

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