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Sometimes things will make you question yourself. Should I or could I. I keep telling myself it’s only been a couple months, there’s plenty time to perfect, just start. I know allot of people are just not comfortable yet. I know it takes time to be established. What I have learned goes beyond lighting. I just trust my instinct. Sometimes by creating visions create more visions. Every successful person I have ever met. I’ve always asked. Did you ever expect to be here? They say absolutely not. It just comes to show, just do man and the finish line will manifest itself. Sometimes I realize that I even get to be around these people. People that I used to think were too good for me. But they are people who have shared there energy and wisdom with me. And I just feel that if I am able to stand in there backyard and share such a beautiful view. When In fact I was that person who never thought I’d be allowed to stand next to these people. Then I can’t wait to stand in my own view sharing it with next potential someone who wants the same. #zuzack

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